Update from Eagle Commission Endorser

Feb 24, 2022 | Eagle Commission, National Organizations, News

As the Beijing Olympics draw to a close, there is speculation about China (mainland) and its intentions to threaten Taiwan. The Middle East has continued hostility toward the state of Israel and terrorist groups like ISIS that work on reconstituting. Of course, Russia and Ukraine have dominated the news for several weeks and no one knows what will happen there. Additional US troops have deployed to Eastern European allies. Jesus’ words that we will “hear of wars and rumors of wars” resonates deeply with me after serving almost 30 years as an Army Chaplain.

But our Lord also tells us, “See to it that you are not alarmed.” First, God is in control of history and is moving all things toward His eschatological goals, prophesied in the Old and New Testaments. For those of us who are His followers, we can rest our minds. But we also have a responsibility to share with others the reason for our “rest.” That rest is found in the transformative power of the Gospel!

I know firsthand that deployments cause anxiety and stress. My heart still goes out to those in uniform and to their families. They are the ones who are always at the ready, putting their lives at risk, whenever and wherever our nation’s leaders send them. Our servicemen and women need to hear and know Jesus! The internal peace that comes from a relationship with Jesus is their real need. That’s why the Eagle Commission exists…“to take the Gospel of peace to our nation’s warriors.” Thank you for your partnership in this life-changing ministry!

A version of this story originally appeared in a newsletter from the Eagle Commission. Find more information about this ministry on their website here


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