Chamberlain Tribute to Carlton Fuller

Jan 31, 2006 | Brethren Digital Archive, Eagle Commission

Larry Chamberlain, who heads the Eagle Commission (Grace Brethren Military Chaplains) participated in memorial services on January 26 and 27 for the late Carlton Fuller, who was a retired Air Force chaplain and later pastored Grace Brethren churches.

Chamberlain says, “Carlton was buried among the veterans whom he served as Chaplain for the past several decades. He served at Mountain Home (James Quillin) Medical Center up until his death, faithfully visiting veterans, many of whose families and friends have long since passed.

It was a very high honor to offer tributes in behalf of the FGBC, Carlton’s fellow Grace Brethren Chaplains and members of the Eagle Commission. The VA Chaplain joining me at the funeral service and at the cemetery read a letter from the VA headquarters in Virginia, in which letter he commented on the national award bestowed on Carlton in 1998 in D.C.”


January 27, 2006
Larry N. Chamberlain

We are here today to honor and pay tribute to a veteran soldier and chaplain who served God and Country with great sacrifice and distinction. It is fitting that we lay him to rest here, among his fellow veterans, men and women who wore the uniform proudly and courageously, defending the cause of liberty on fields of battle around the world.

God gave Carlton the gift of compassion. Following his enlisted service, Carlton served active duty as a Chaplain in the U.S. Air Force. Following active duty, and responding to God’s unique call in his life, he served as a Chaplain for the Veterans, whom he loved without reservation and unconditionally, providing spiritual comfort, courage, and hope.

Carlton served with no desire for earthly reward or praise. He did not serve to gain a better standing with God or to improve his chances to gain a heavenly reward. He served with one purpose and one purpose alone – to bring comfort, peace, and hope to a veteran of the United States Armed Forces.

We are here today to honor a selfless, humble, dedicated servant of Christ, who served God and Country with great sacrifice and dedication. We extend our sympathies to Vivian and to the family. Carlton loved his wife, he loved his family, he loved his God, he loved America, and he loved the brave men and women who wore America’s uniform, often at great peril, at all times at great risk.

This ground is hallowed ground, made more hallowed this day as we lay to rest this great servant of God and Country.

Let us pray . . .

Father, we are so very thankful for Carlton’s life and service. We are thankful for the lessons he taught each one of us – to serve with faithfulness, to serve with humility, to serve with sacrifice, to serve with compassion. We thank you for the promise of the Resurrection, that we will some day be reunited with friends and family through the power of the cross and the sacrifice of God’s Son. Carlton’s body is laid to rest today, but his soul is with you and his spirit lives on in each of our hearts. In the name of Jesus our Savior we pray, Amen.


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