Sep 1, 2008 | Eagle Commission, News

ImageThe following news briefs are from the September-October issues of the Brethren Missionary Herald magazine.

Fifteen Years Ago – 1993
Randy Haulk became pastor of the Meyersdale (Pa.) Grace Brethren Church
Bruce Triplehorn, missionary to Brazil, was ordained to the ministry at the Wooster (Ohio), Grace Brethren Church.

Twenty Years Ago – 1988
– The Winona Lake Christian Assembly, formerly host of the world’s largest Bible Conference and owner of the extensive conference property, was merged with Grace Schools.

– The Eagle Commission, supporting agency for Grace Brethren Chaplains, was unveiled at the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches annual conference, under the sponsorship of Grace Brethren Home Missions.

Twenty-five Years Ago – 1983
– The Wooster, Ohio, Grace Brethren Church was named Sunday School of the Year by CE National.
Bob Arenobine accepted the call as pastor of the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Grace Brethren Church.

Thirty-five Years Ago – 1973
– Dr. Bill and Donna Walker joined the staff of the Foreign Missionary Society to serve in the Central African Republic.
– The organizing of Relief Agency Brethren was announced by the Foreign Missionary Society in response to the national conference’s resolution “seeking means to provide relief for human suffering.”
– The Huber Heights, Ohio, Grace Brethren Church dedicated its new building. Jim Poyner was the pastor.

Forty-five Years Ago – 1963
– Don Rough became pastor of the Riverside Grace Brethren Church in Johnstown, Pa.
– Jerry Young and Larry DeArmey were student body presidents at Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary, respectively.

Fifty Years Ago – 1958
– At the recent annual conference Dean Fetterhoff and Wendell Kent were ordained to the Brethren ministry.

Fifty-Five Years Ago – 1953
– Arnold Kriegbaum became the editor and business manager of the Brethren Missionary Herald Company

Sixty Years Ago – 1948
– A Jewish ministry was launched in the Los Angeles area by Brethren Home Missions. It was led by Bruce and Jerry Button.

Sixty-five Years Ago – 1943
– The Winona Lake (Ind.) Brethren Church held its first services on September 4.
Wayne and Dorothy Beaver were appointed by the Foreign Missionary Society to serve in Africa.


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