Eagle Commission Update: Chaplains Have Opportunities for Ministry

May 25, 2016 | Eagle Commission, National Organizations, News

Eagle Commission grayscaleJohn Schumacher, Chaplain (Colonel) USA, Ret., the endorsing agent for the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, recently reported that he represented the FGBC military chaplains at the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces (NCMAF) in Washington, D.C. “This annual gathering brings together Endorsing Agents from across the spectrum of faith groups in the Armed Forces. We are briefed on all of the latest issues facing chaplains and given presentations from the Chiefs of Chaplains concerning the current issues facing our military forces,” he said. “I am happy, once again, to say that no issues that could affect or limit the ministry and outreach of our FGBC chaplains were raised.”

He noted that the FGBC chaplains are among the best and are enjoying unlimited opportunity to do ministry in one of the greatest mission fields available to ordained evangelicals ministering in Kingdom outreach.

He also reported on the status of several chaplains:

  • While in D.C. I was met by Colonel George Youstra and taken for a tour of his area in the Pentagon where he serves as chaplain to the Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What an honor that one of our chaplains has the opportunity to serve the top military leaders. He is able to minister to these national military leaders and their staffs on a daily basis. All of our chaplains have the same kind of opportunity to serve the communities and units to which they are assigned
  • I am happy to announce that Navy Chaplain Justin Hayes has returned from his overseas deployment and is now gearing up for new opportunities at a naval base in Florida sometime in May.
  • I am very happy to announce the commissioning of 1/Lt Jeremy Pfeister who joins our great group of chaplains. Jeremy joins our team of Reserve and National Guard chaplains and is now in a Clinical Pastoral Education training program that will further prepare him for his Reserve Chaplain ministry. Two other outstanding men are in the process of joining our chaplain team and more will be said when they are officially on board. Please pray for Dustin Rodriguez and Phil Smith as they continue working toward achieving this goal.
  • Our men and their families serving us in the military are deserving of and depend on our prayers for them. Here are some of the ways you can pray for our military pastors:
    • Pray for their relationship with their commanders.
    • Pray for their relationship with their fellow chaplains.
    • Pray for those deployed (Hurst and Mvondo) and for the families left behind.
    • Pray for the wives to have a strong outreach and ministry to other spouses.
    • Pray for children as they frequently have to adjust to a new location and school situation.
    • We have just learned that CH Pete Stone’s father has had a reoccurrence of cancer, this time in his liver. Please keep this family in your prayers in the following days.


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